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Scientific illustrator and graphic designer 
visualising the wonders of the natural world.

As an experienced illustrator I deliver beautiful and highly accurate illustrations of fauna and flora.
I can help you with visualising complex scientific topics and animal behaviour in infographics or detailed drawings. Using both traditional and modern techniques my illustrations have been used internationally in magazines, books and visitor centres of conservation areas.

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Illustrations still have several advantages over photography when it comes to communicating information. When representing a species by a single image, you want it to have a typical posture and a perfect plumage, fur or skin. Blurry areas, shadows, bright glosses or colour reflections caused by surroundings or camera distortions can get very distracting. With an illustration you have full control and you are able to combine all typical aspects of a species in one 'perfect' specimen. An illustration can focus on the essential parts in a realistic or schematised way, depending on what translates best for the subject. Capturing the essence of a species in a visually unique and aesthetic way can engage and inspire the viewer.

Capturing the essence of a species starts in the field. 

Observing and nature journaling give Joris a feeling for

his subject's character and behaviour.

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