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Since I was little nature has given me so much joy and inspiration. It lead me to where I am today and if you know my work well, you know that my main goal is to connect people to the nature world. Time to give back with this more direct approach! With every print sold 10% of the profits will go to conservation projects that are fighting hard to save threatened species and ecosystems. This way you and I can both make a difference!


For many years my biggest passion has been for birds. I've been lucky to have observed some of the most beautiful species on different continents. Sadly enough, I also witnessed some terrible events like dying colonies of seabirds due to bird flu, silent rainforests with no birds to be heard, songbird hunting in Cyprus and dried up wetlands after extreme drought. These are just a few of the many challenges Bird Life international faces today. 10% of the net proceeds of my bird prints will go to this impressive global organisation.


David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) is a highly effective wildlife charity funding key conservation projects across Africa and Asia. This organisation's main mission is to Fight, Protect and Engage on behalf of endangered wildlife and the fragile ecosystems they inhabit. Their partners work on the front line to safeguard the future health of our planet. 10% of the net proceeds of my wildlife and flora prints will go to DSWF and their partners.

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