Updated: May 17

Next year Cambridge University Press will publish a fully revised edition of The Little Owl : Population dynamics, behaviour and management of Athene noctua. A book describing all subspecies of the little owl with up-to-date scientific information and illustrated plates of the birds in their most typical habitat. As they have a very large range, these birds have adapted to a variety of habitats and evolved differently in size and plumage. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to dive deeper in the world of these fascinating birds. Follow me on instagram to see regular work in progress from now on.

You can now also sponsor this project and the Little owl management group Stone by buying postcards of an iconic scene for many Dutch followers of Beleef De Lente. For €25 you'll receive 5 postcards. Please send an email to stone@steenuil.nl if you are interested.

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Updated: May 17

I'm very excited to be featured in the very first edition of the new Belgium Bird Magazine Fwiet! As this 144 paged issue is all about owls, I have shared some of my field sketches of this intriguing family. Congrats to all other contributors and the makers Timothy Begijn & Jeroen Denaeghel! Make sure to check it out on www.fwiet.be

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Updated: May 17

For several years I worked on illustrations for the Khor Kalba Mangrove Center. Today they officially opened their doors to the public. The visitor centre informs the public on the richness of this protected mangrove area. It is an important (breeding)site for many species of birds and marine life. In fact the biodiversity in this reserve is one of the highest of the country. The mangrove forrest even has its own subspecies of Collared Kingfisher. The endangered Todiramphus chloris kalbaensis is only breeding in this Ramsar protected area on the border with Oman. There are only about 140 of them. For many juvenile sea turtles and sharks the estuary is a safe haven as well, rich in nutrients and more protected than the open waters. Making illustrations and silhouettes of about 70 species that live in the area. They are used on the information panels in and around the centre. You can have a virtual tour in this video by Khaleej Times.

See more of this project here.

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