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Eurasian Lynx © Joris De Raedt

If you are supporting Natuurpunt you might already have seen my illustration of an Eurasian Lynx in their magazine Natuur.blad. Great timing with the recently new trail camera footage proving a Lynx has settled in Belgium again!

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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Recently I was asked to make an illustration for the cover of the famous Bahamontes magazine with as theme “Strange Birds”. An assignment that would take me out of my comfort zone with a short deadline. I took on the challenge and made a 70x100 cm watercolour.

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Recently I happily provided the illustrations for the latest book by Dirk DraulansBeestenboel Bis. I’m very excited to finally browse through it and discover lots of fun facts about all kinds of interesting creatures. You can order the book here.

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