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Updated: May 20, 2020

Recently I was commissioned by natuurpunt to make several postcard illustrations for their project GrasGoed – a European project making sustainable products resourced from nature reserves mowed grass. They all show a species typical to wet grasslands . On my Instagram account you can see some steps of the drawing proces.

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Updated: May 20, 2020

Last weekend Agnes Wené launched her brand new book Fluitend door het Leven – Hoe vogels spotten je weer in evenwicht brengtOn a sunny terras, surrounded by a natural environment and many inspiring people she told her story behind the book. How birdwatching helpt her overcome her burnout and find balance in her life again. This start-to-bird book has a very unique input in this sense. It does not only give you lots of useful tips on how to start birdwatching, which equipment you'll need, where to go and how to identify species. The book is also about our bound with the natural world, self-awareness, mindfulness and meditation in the field. Thanks to the engagement of Dirk Draulans, Jan Rodts, Koen Leysen, Anna Schneider and Timothy Begijn the content became even more accurate and helpful. I was happy to provide identification drawings of multiple birds and graphic illustrations on bird anatomy. Thanks to the lay-out by Superset and photography by Lucid the aesthetic appeal became great. "You are my dream team!" says Agnes in her word of thanks.  Publishers : Manteau / Standaard uitgevers

192 pages | Paperback | 17x24 cm | ISBN 978 90 223 3644 1


These are some of the illustrations I made for the book. There are also some steps in the making of. You can see more of these on my instagram account @jorisderaedt

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Jan Rodts – former head of Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen – just released a field guide to all breeding birds of Belgium and the Netherlands. Unique to this guide is that the species are sorted by size, starting with the goldcrest up to our biggest bird, the mute swan. The identification is done by photo's instead of illustrations, with a Peterson-like way of pointing out important details. I was happy to provide the bird silhouettes that form the guideline throughout the book.

Publishers : Houtekiet

440pages | Paperback | 14x21,5cm | ISBN9789089247490

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