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I'm always on a quest to go for more sustainable printing solutions without making concessions to quality. Therefor I'm proud to announce that my new collection of prints is 100% Carbon Neutral! I partnered with a new printing lab called ThePrintSpace. Their strong commitment to the environment is what convinced me! Every ounce of carbon emission produced by shipping (both by air and vehicle) is offset via The Gold Standard.


This is how all of the products are packaged;


  • Recyclable packaging enveloppes

  • Biodegradable bubble wrap

  • Recyclable cardboard stiffeners

  • Paper tape made from 100% recycled fibers

  • 100% recycled polypropylene corner protectors

  • Recyclable Bio-polythylene frame protection

In short this means that when you purchase my work, you are also affirming your own belief in sustainable business practices.

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